Devon Laidmans

John Laidman (1798-1879), the eldest son of John (or Jonathan) Laidman (who left the ancestral home in Bowes to establish himself in Southwark, London), became a solicitor and settled in Exeter, Devon where he is first found in the 1841 census return. Cases over which he presided are well-documented, but he does not appear to have been particularly successful in his career, as evidenced from a rather touching letter to the ex-prime minister Sir Robert Peel requesting a position.

His eight children were all born in Exeter, but after John's death in 1879 only a female line remained in Devon, most of the others returning to London. John's third son Francis Marchant Laidman (1831-1879) was a physician and surgeon, and emigrated to Australia in the 1850's where he had an exciting career, some of which is documented here. Francis Marchant had seven children, but only a female line appears to have survived in Australia.