NameRichard LAIDMAN , 3108, O1124
Birth29 Jul 1827, Yorkshire, YKS
Baptism8 Feb 1827, West Witton, YKS Age: <1
Death28 Oct 1906 Age: 79
BurialBinbrook, Ontario, Canada
Burial MemoAuld Kirk cemetery
FatherSamuel LAIDMAN , 3099, N1115 (1789-1867)
MotherElizabeth PICKERSGIL , 3100 (bp. 1788-1862)
Misc. Notes
Could be wrong as his birth was in July...
1861 Upper Canada Census lists Richard, age 34 as a labourer on his father's farm.

Died of typhoid fever.
Birth21 Apr 1843
Death20 Mar 1905 Age: 61
BurialBinbrook, Ontario, Canada
Burial MemoAuld Kirk cemetery
Misc. Notes
From Vera Cummings papers:

Letter addressed to Mrs. Richard Laidman [could also be ID 8446], Redmire Villa, Binbrook, Ontario, Canada from Jeremiah R. Heslop, Redmire, Leyburn, England.

Leyburn R.S.O.
June 26th, 1906

To Mrs. Richard Laidman

Dear Cousin

I am requested by my Aunt Elizabeth Leng to write to you to say that she received your ever welcome letter. She often talks about you and tells us of your kindness when she was in Canada.

I am sorry to say that she has been laid in bed for about two years. She fell and broke her leg and has not able to get up since. After her fall she did not know where she was for five months it affected her memory. Aunt Mary Ann from Oldham who is 83 years old was with her at the time when she said that she fell over a Backing Bord but she does not know herself she had two Doctors and a Trained Nurse to wait upon her. The Doctor says that she will not be able to walk again. She stayed at her own home for a year after the accident then when and brought her to Redmire. Aunt wants to know if Richard Arthur and Elizabeth Ann is living and where they are and if cousin Bessy and John is living. Please do you know where Helen Nicoll is and her sister Alice and her brother William Nicoll is and would you please tell
Helen to write and send us their address.

I am your affectionate cousin
Jeremiah R. Heslop

Please to write soone.

The relationship between the writer and Lucinda Senn - or more likely her husband Richard Laidman, whose father was from Redmire - or his nephew also Richard (ID 8445) - is not clear. The Heslops were old-established in Redmire as the census returns show (the writer in bold):

1841 census return: HO107/1254/9 folio 8 page 20
[Yorkshire] Redmire, Woodend
John Heslop, 25, Farmer, Y
Hannah Heslop, 20, Y
Jeremiah Heslop, 15, M S, Y
Ann Naylor, 15, F S, Y

1851 census return: HO107/2379 folio 392 page 27
[Yorkshire] Castle Bolton, C. Bolton
William Heslop, Head, Mar, 54, Farmer of 4 acres, born Yorkshire Castle Bolton
Jeremiah Heslop, Son, U, 26, Lead Miner, born Yorkshire Redmire
Christopher Heslop, Son, U, 16, Lead Miner, born Yorkshire Castle Bolton
Alice Heslop, Daur, 14, born Yorkshire Castle Bolton

1861 census return: RG9/3668 folio 43 page 9
[Yorkshire] Redmire, Redmire Village
Jeremiah Heslop, Head, Mar, 36, Butcher, born Yorks Redmire
Margaret Heslop, Wife, Mar, 40, born Yorks Redmire
James Heslop, Son, 7, born Yorks Redmire
Wm. Heslop, Son, 4, born Yorks Redmire
Rebeca [sic] Heslop, Daur, 2, born Yorks Redmire

1871 census return: RG10/4869 folio 24 page 5
[Yorkshire] Redmire
Jeremiah ^Richardson^ Heslop, Head, Mar, 46, Laborer, born Yorkshire Redmire
Margaret Heslop, Wife, Mar, 50, born Yorkshire Redmire
Rebecca Heslop, Daur, 12, Scholar, born Yorkshire Redmire
Jeremiah Richardson Heslop, Son, 7, Scholar, born Yorkshire Redmire

1881 census return: RG11/4874 folio 32 page 19
[Yorkshire] Castle Bolton
Jeremiah Heslop, Head, Mar, 56, Shepherd, born Yorks Redmire
Margaret Heslop, Wife, Mar, 60, Shepherd['s] Wife, born Yorks Redmire
Jeremiah Heslop, Son, Unmar, 17, born Yorks Redmire

1891 census return: RG12/4031 folio 27 page 12
Administrative County of York, Castle Bolton, Castle Bolton
Margaret Heslop, Head, Wid., 70, Farmer, Neither Employer nor Employed, born Yorks Redmire
William Heslop, Son, S, 34, Shepherd, Employed, born Yorks Redmire
Jeremiah R. Heslop, Son, S, 27, Farmer's son, Employed, born Yorks Redmire

1901 census return: RG13/4604 folio 22 page 4
Yorkshire, Redmire
William Heslop, Head, M, 44, Farmer, Own acct., born Yorks: Redmire
Alice S. Heslop, Wife, M, 41m born Yorks: Castle Bolton
Jeremiah R. Heslop, Brother, S, 37, Rabbit Trapper, Worker, born Yorks: Redmire
Dorothy Horn, Niece, S, 6, born Yorks: Castle Bolton
Marriage24 Jun 1865
ChildrenSamuel Arthur , 3111 (1866-1931)
 Alberta Ann , 8093 (1868-1954)
 William Allen , 8094 (1869-1962)
 Herbert Senn , 8099 (1872-1930)
 Charles Stanley , 8158 (1876-1953)
 Harriet Elizabeth , 8169 (1880-1971)
 Erland Horace , 8170 (1889-1974)
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