NameElizabeth LAIDMAN, 3109, O1125
Birth21 May 1829, Yorkshire, YKS
Baptism21 Jun 1829, West Witton, YKS Age: <1
Death1 Oct 1913, Ontario Province, Canada Age: 84
BurialBlackheath, Ontario, Canada
Burial MemoUnited Church
FatherSamuel LAIDMAN , 3099, N1115 (1789-1867)
MotherElizabeth PICKERSGIL , 3100 (bp. 1788-1862)
Misc. Notes
Possibly born on May 29th not 21st.

Excerpt from "Yesterday and Today, Black Heath 1863-1949, Blackheath 1949-1995" by Arthur Hencher, December 1995

1580 Trimble Road, pg. 204


William Thompson and Elizabeth Laidman lived in the orchard on what today is Howard Trimble's property at the corner of Trimble Road and Hall Road, on the South-East corner. The lane from the old house came out on the Hall Road. The Thompsons retired in 1895 to the new house they had built at 1580 Regional Road 66.

William and Elizabeth had several children Annie, Jane, Nellie (Helen), George, John and Lizzie. Annie married John Rose. The minister spelt her name "Thompson" in the marriage register. Jane married William Beattie and eventually moved two farms East, on Hall Road.

George worked for the Dominion Natural Gas Co., as a bookkeeper. When the back of the Thompson house became the office, George lived upstairs.

John farmed two farms East on the Alex L. Reid farm, West half Lot 25, Hall Road. He sold the property to William Beattie and Margaret Jane, in 1891.

Helen (Nellie) married William Grassie, son of George Grassie of Blackheath.

Lizzie married Samuel McLeod and lived at 1403 #56 Highway.

1580 Trimble Road, pg. 208

The Thompson house, when vacated (around 1915), was moved up to what is now the corner of #56 Highway and Haldibrook Road. Its address is 5 Haldibrook Road. The back section of the house became the office of the Dominion Gas Co. and may be seen in that picture.
Birth16 Apr 1825
Death13 Sep 1901, Ontario Province, Canada Age: 76
BurialBlackheath, Ontario, Canada
Burial MemoUnited Church
Misc. Notes
Excerpt from "Yesterday and Today, Black Heath 1863-1949, Blackheath 1949-1995" by Arthur Hencher, December 1995

West half of Lot 27, Concession 9, pg. 199


*Note: There is no question that the Thomson tombstone in Blackheath Cemetery has no "P" in it. However, there
is a newpaper article written by Annie Ross (Thompson) in which she spells all her siblings last names with a "P".
The spelling "Thompson" has become accepted in the community.

(cont'd under William Beattie notes)...
ChildrenJane , 9702
 Joseph M , 9781 (1847-1874)
 John , 9783
 William , 9826
 Elizabeth M , 9852 (1860-1945)
 Margaret , 9874
 Annie , 9883 (1864-)
 Abigail , 9885
 Nellie "Helen" , 9886 (1871-)
 George Albert , 9888 (1874-1964)
 James , 9782 (1865-1899)
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