NameThomas LAIDMAN, 3178, P1127
BirthS1855, Heversham, WES
Baptism28 Jun 1855, Levens, WES
DeathJ1893, Ulverston RD, LAN
Occupation1871: Farm Labourer; 1892: Carter;1907: Coachman
FatherThomas LAIDMAN , 10292, O1476 (ca1828-1895)
MotherEleanor WALKER , 10405 (ca1822-1869)
Misc. Notes
The marriage cert. of Thomas Laidman/Rachel Agnes Jackson shows that his father was Thomas Laidman, a labourer and one of the witnesses was John Laidman, most probably his brother. There is a GRO birth for a Thomas Laidman in Kendal R.D. in Sep Q 1855 and a John Laidman in Kendal R.D. in Jun Q 1860 so this may be the family. [September 2000]

1861 Census Returns RG9/3972 folio 82 page 3
Beathwaite Green, Levens, near Milnthorpe, Westmorland
Thomas Lademan, head, married, 32, Lab. born Hesket
Eleanor Lademan, wife, married, 38, born Heversham, Westmorland
Thomas Lademan, son, 5, born Heversham, Westmorland
Elizabeth E. Lademan, daur. 3, born Heversham, Westmorland
John Lademan, son, 10 months, born Heversham, Westmorland

1871 census return: RG10/5290 folio 32 page 17
[Westmorland], Levens, Bridge Row
Thomas Laidman, son, Unm, 16, Farm Labourer, born Westmoreland [sic] Heversham
John Laidman, son, 11, Farm Labourer, born Westmoreland Heversham
William Laidman, son, 5, born Westmoreland Heversham
Margaret Jane Laidman, Daur, 3, born Westmoreland Heversham
Ann Taylor, Servant, W, 57, House Keeper, born Westmoreland Beetham
[Note: The family has no “Head”, but appears as a continuation of the family in the previous entry, who however live at a different address]

1881 Census Returns: RG11/5216 folio 57 page 9
High Fowlsham, Witherslack, Westmorland, England
(as Ladyman) age 24, farm servant (indoor), in the employ of William COTHAM, farmer of 229 acres
William Cotham Head M(arried) 33 farmer of 229 acres (born) Witherslack Westmorland
Eleanor Cotham Wife M(arried) 32 (born) Preston Patrick Westmorland
Annie M Webster Step Dau(ghte)r 10 Scholar (born) Witherslack, Westmorland
Emily Webster Step Dau(ghte)r 8 Scholar (born) Witherslack Westmorland
Henry C Hodgson Nephew 15 Farm Servant (Indoors) (born) Stainforth York
Adam Cotham Cousin U(nmarried) 56 Farm Servant Indoors (born) Witherslack Westmorland
Thomas Ladyman Servant U(nmarried) 24 Farm Servant Indoors (born) Levens Westmorland
Richard Jackson Servant U(nmarried) 21 Farm Servant Indoors (born) Dalton Westmorland
James Spedding Servant U(nmarried) 19 Farm Servant (Indoors) (born) Milnthorpe Westmorland
Thomas Neasham Servant 14 (born) Levens Westmorland
Elizabeth Croft Servant U(nmarried) 27 Dairy Maid (Ag Lab) (born) Levens Westmorland

1891 Census Returns: RG12/3478 folio 54 page 6 (Schedule 32)
69 Skilgate, town of Dalton, Ulverston, Lancashire, England
age 34, married, labourer, with (second) wife Rachel FARRER (28), and children Mary E (6), William Wilson (4) and Emily Jane (1)
Thomas Laidman Head M(arried) 34 Iron miner employed (born) Westmorland Levens
Rachel Laidman Wife M(arried) 28 (born) Lancashire Kirkby
Mary E Laidman Dau(ghte)r 6 Scholar (born) Lancashire Hawcote
William W Laidman Son 4 (born) Lancashire Billincote
Emily J Laidman Dau(ghte)r 1 (born) Lancashire Billincote
Note: first wife, Rachel Agnes JACKSON, died in 1882, and the only child of that marriage, Thomas Henry (who would have been about 9), was not present.

1891 census return: RG12/3478 folio 54 page 6
Dalton, Lancaster, 69 Skelgate
Thomas Laidman, Head, M, 34, Iron Miner, Employed, born Westmoreland [sic] Levens
Rachel Laidman, Wife, M, 28, born Lancashire Kirkby
Mary E Laidman, Daur, 6, Scholar, born Lancashire Hawcoat
William W. Laidman, Son, 4, born Lancashire Billincoat
Emily J. Laidman, Daur, 1, born Lancashire Billincoat

28 Jun 1855 Levens, Heversham, Westmorland [baptism]
7 Apr 1861 Beathwaite Green, Levens, Westmorland [census]
3 Apr1881 Farm Servant (indoors), High Fowlsham, Witherslack, Westmorland [census]
12 Aug 1882 Levens, Heversham, Westmorland [marriage to first wife Rachel Agnes JACKSON, Christ Church, Carnforth, Lancashire]
Dec 1882 Ulverston RD, Lancashire [death of first wife Rachel Agnes JACKSON]
16 Nov 1882 Farm servant, Billincote, Dalton-in-Furness, Cumberland [birth of son Thomas Henry]
D1883 Barrow-in-Furness RD, Lancashire [marriage to second wife Rachel FARRER]
ca 1885 Hawcote, Lancashire [birth of daughter Mary E]
M1887 Billincote, Ulverston RD, Lancashire [birth of son William Wilson]
D1889 Billincote, Ulverston RD, Lancashire [birth of daughter Emily Jane]
5 Apr 1891 Labourer, 69 Skilgate, Dalton, Ulverston, Lancashire [census]
J1892 Carter for Local Board, 69 Skilgate, Dalton, Ulverston RD, Lancashire [birth of son Ernest Farrer]
J1893 Ulverston RD, Lancashire [death]
Birthca 1862, Casterton, WES
Baptism16 Nov 1862, Casterton, WES
DeathD1882, Ulverston RD, LAN
FatherHenry JACKSON , 10406
MotherJane , 16337 (ca1837-)
Misc. Notes
1871 census return: RG10/4233 folio 20 page 21
Lancashire, Carnforth, Village
Thos Battersby, Head, W, 42, Ag. Laborer, born Westmorland Mansergh
Jane Battersby, Wife, W, 34, Ag. Laborer Wife, born Westmorland Ravenstonedale
Rachel Jackson, Dghter, U, 8, Scholar, born Westmorland, Casterton

1881 Census Returns: RG11/4275 folio 54 page 44
age 18, unmarried, general domestic servant at Grange Hotel Refreshment Room, East Broughton, Lancashire, England
Phillis Lee Head W(idow) female 55 Refreshment House Keeper (born) Newport, Shropshire
Rachel Agnes Jackson Servant U(nmarried) Female 18 General Servant Domestic (born) Casterton, Lancashire [sic, for Westmorland].

1882 - Carnforth, Warton, Lancs
Marriage12 Aug 1882, Carnforth, LAN
Marr MemoChrist Church
Misc. Notes
1882. Marriage solemnized at Christ Church Carnforth in the Parish of Warton in the County of Lancaster
No. 33
When married: August 12 1882
Thomas Laidman, full, Bachelor, Labourer, Dalton-in-Furness, [father] Thomas Laidman, Labourer
Rachel Agnes Jackson, 19 years, Spinster, [no profession], Carnforth, [father] Henry Jackson, Labourer
Married in Christ Church, Carnforth according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church by Licence by me, J. Atkinson Fidler Incumbent
This marriage was solemnized between us,
Thomas Laidman his X mark
Rachel Agnes Jackson
in the Presence of us,
John Laidman
Alice Pool
ChildrenThomas Henry , 3187, Q1129 (1882-1962)
Birthca 1864, Kirkby Ireleth, LAN
Birth MemoKirkby? or Ireleth?
Misc. Notes
1881 Census Returns: RG11/4288 folio 85 page 50
125 Abbey Road, Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire, England
(as Rachael FARRAR) age 18, unmarried servant in the household headed by William ASHBURNER
William Ashburner Head M(arried) Male 42 Cabinet Maker (born) Isle of Man
Jane P Ashburner Wife M(arried) Female 31 (born) Ulverston, Lancashire
George P Ashburner Son Male 13 Scholar (born) Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire
Margaret E Ashburner Dau(ghter) Female 9 Scholar (born) Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire
Harry Ashburner Son Male 7 Scholar (born) Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire
Edgar Ashburner Son Male 4 (born) Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire
Rachael Farrar Serv(ant) U(nmarried) Female 18 General Servant Domestic (born) Kirby Ireth (sic Kirkby?, Ireleth?), Lancashire

1891 census return: RG12/3478 folio 54 page 6
Dalton, Lancaster, 69 Skelgate
Thomas Laidman, Head, M, 34, Iron Miner, Employed, born Westmoreland Levens
Rachel Laidman, Wife, M, 28, born Lancashire Kirkby
Mary E Laidman, Daur, 6, Scholar, born Lancashire Hawcoat
William W. Laidman, Son, 4, born Lancashire Billincoat
Emily J. Laidman, Daur, 1, born Lancashire Billincoat

1901 Census Returns: RG13/5338 folio 120 page 57 (Schedule 337)
4 Hall St, Dalton-in-Furness, Lancashire, England
age 36, remarried (to Edward BROWN), with children from previous marriage (to P1127 Thomas LAIDMAN) Emily Jane (11) and Ernest Farrer (9)
Edward Brown Head M(arried) 26 Iron Ore Miner Worker (born) Lancashire Ulverston
Rachel Brown Wife M(arried) 36 (born) Lancashire Kirkby Ireleth
Emily J Laidman Step Dau(ghte)r S(ingle) 11 (born) Lancashire Dalton-in-Furness
Ernest F Laidman Step Son S(ingle) 9 (born) Lancashire Dalton-in-Furness
MarriageD1883, Barrow-in-Furness, LAN
ChildrenMary Ellen , 16351, Q1328 (1884-1916)
 William Wilson (Died as Child), 3464, Q1963 (1887-1897)
 Emily Jane , 3465, Q1964 (1889-)
 Ernest Farrer , 3180, R1130 (1892-1966)
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