NameMargaret WHYTELL, 3605
Deathaft 1674
FatherAnthony WHYTELL , 10425 (-<1648)
MotherGennet of Dykehead , 3606 (->1648)
Misc. Notes
See notes on her mother Gennet (Whytell). Her mother’s will of 1648 mentions five children of Margaret and John Laidman (Christopher was born after she died, in 1654).

Deed. Ref. No. D/MOB [Manor of Bowes] 7/34
22 October 1674
(1) Margaret Laydman of Bowes
(2) The Steward of the Manor of Bowes
Bond of (1) to (2) in £ [?] for due performance of the executorship of John Laydman by Margaret, his widow. (1 paper).
1John LAIDMAN of Bowes , 2683, H1584
Birth1610, Yorkshire, YKS
Burial21 Sep 1674, Bowes, YKS
Burial MemoSon of Leonards [sic] Laydman
FatherAnthony LAIDMAN , 12294, G1668 (ca1580->1622)
Misc. Notes
John Laidman is mentioned as being the father of [the Revd] Christopher Laidman on the latter's ordination papers. If, as is probable, he was the same John Laidman who was executor of his mother-in-law’s (Gennet Whytell) will, which was proved on 3 August 1652, this proves he was still alive at this time, and probably living in Bowes in 1648 when the will was written. It also situates his marriage to Margaret Whytell before November 1648. He receives 15 shillings under Gennet Whytell’s will.

Durham Record Office Ref No. D/MOB 7/33
Inventory of the goods and chattels of John Laydman of Bowes, 10 October 1674
(1 paper). Durham Record Office informed us in March 2002 that ‘due to its poor condition, I am afraid I am unable to offer you a legible photocopy of document D/MOB 7/33. The document was so badly damaged by water before its deposit in this Office that it is illegible.’ A transcription however was supplied in 2006:

Words that cannot be read are transcribed as [xx].
Illegible words that can be surmised are in square brackets.

October the
tenth day
A true and perfect Inventory of all the goods and chattells moveable and Immoveable
of John Laidman of Bowes lately [deceased] by us whose names are underwritten.

In primis his purse and all apparrell 15 00 00
Item Eight kine 24 00 00
Item Three steares and one heffer 04 10 00
Item Five stirkes 06 [x] [x]
Item Two calves 01 [x] [x]
Item Two mares and one colt [x] [x] [x]
Item Nyneteene sheepe 02 10 00
Item One swine 01 00 00
Item Five stacks of hay 15 00 00
Item Three goakeing of corne 05 00 00
Item All manner of husbandry geare 05 00 00
Item Househould goodes in [the] hall house
one table one [xxx] kubbart one long setle
one glasse case with all the pewther and
brasse and all other implements of
househould within the small hall house 12 00 00
[Item] [xxxx] parlour one bedstead one table
one chist three chaires and two formes 04 10 00
Item In the west parlour two bedsteads one
great chiste 02 10 00
Item The bedding woollen and lynning 14 00 00

122 19 04

Debts owen to the Testator by Thomas
Smithson [x] [x] [x]

sum is 128 09 [x]

Owen by Margaret Laydman £3 10s
09 00 [x]

131 19 [x]

Jo Laidman
Anthony Whitell
Lyonell Mitchell
Charles Baliffe his marke

Bowes Parish Register (burials) states: Son of Leonards [sic] Laydman. This is the only burial of a John in Bowes in 1674 and the date of the inventory is 10 October 1674 which fits with this particular burial. Ref No. D/MOB 7/33:: Inventory of the goods and chattels of John Laydman of Bowes, 10 October 1674. The only other possibility is that John was buried elsewhere and not at Bowes and the burial found in 1674 at Bowes would therefore have been for someone else - but I can’t see how.
Marriagebef Nov 1648
ChildrenMargret , 11963, I2016 (1648-)
 Leonard , 3356, I1961 (<1648-1722)
 John , 10963, J1633 (<1648-)
 UNNAMED , 10426, J1271 (<1648-)
 Christopher , 2568, J1037 (1654-1724)
 UNNAMED , 16139, J1276
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