NameJane LAIDMAN, 9447, O1993
Baptism13 Nov 1825, Hesket in the Forest, CUL
Bapt MemoJane, dau of Wm & Deborah Laidman abode Hill house Farmer was bapd. Nov 13th.
FatherWilliam LAIDMAN , 8368, O1992 (ca1801-1862)
MotherDeborah GRAHAM , 8369 (~1801-1863)
Misc. Notes
1841 census for Ainstable HO 107-171, 171/5, p. 20
Ainstable, Cumberland
William Laidman 40 (Male) Farmer y (born in County)
Deborah Do 40 (Female) y (born in County)
Jane Do 15 (Female) y (born in County)
John Do 12 (Male) y (born in County)
Ann Do 10 (Female) y (born in County)
William Do 8 (Male) y (born in County)
Thomas Do 6 (Male) y (born in County)
Deborah Do 4 (Female) y (born in County)
Christopher Do 1 (Male) y (born in County)
Joseph Bell 20 (Male) y(es, born in County)
Note that Jane may have been doubly recorded: a Jane LAIDYMAN (servant, aged 15) was included in the household at Calthwaite, Cumberland, headed by John GRAHAM and his wife Ann, both aged 60, and these two are likely to be Jane's maternal grandparents. [HO 107/173/1 folio 3 page 10] John GRAHAM is known to have been farming at Hillhouses, near Calthwaite, when Jane's mother Deborah was baptised in 1801, and Jane's father O1992 William LAIDMAN was resident at Hillhouses at the time of the baptism of his children Jane (1825) and John (1827). Furthermore, Jane (as LAIDYMAN, aged 24) was a servant at Thwaite Hall farm, Hutton Roof, at the time of the 1851 census (see below), the household headed by her uncle Christopher GRAHAM and included her maternal grandmother Ann GRAHAM (née STORROW, age 75) and Jane's future husband Thomas WILKINSON.
John Graham 60 (Male) Farmer y(es, born in County)
Ann Graham 60 (Female) y(es, born in County)
Thos Graham 35 (Male) y(es, born in County)
Christopher Graham 30 (Male) y(es, born in County)
John Graham 20 (Male) y(es, born in County)
John Graham 4 (Male) y(es, born in County)
John Graham 15 (Male) M(ale) S(ervant) y(es, born in County)
Jane Laidyman 15 (Female) F(emale) S(ervant) y(es, born in County)
Elizabeth Clapper(?) (Female) F(emale) S(ervant) y(es, born in County)

1851 census return: HO 107/2426 district 565/2 Penrith Union/Greystoke, folio 137 page 8 (Schedule 21)
(as Laidyman) age 24, unmarried, house servant, Thwaite Hall farm, Hutton Roof, with her unmarried uncle Christopher GRAHAM, her widowed grandmother Ann GRAHAM (née STORROW) and a number of farm servants including her future spouse, Thomas WILKINSON
Christopher Graham Head U(nmarried) 40 Farmer of 200 acres Employing 2 labourers (born) Cumberland Hesket (in the) Forest
Ann Graham Mother W(idow) 75 Formerly a farmers wife (born) Cumberland Hesket (in the) Forest
Jane Laidyman Neice U(nmarried) 24 House Servant (born) Cumberland Hesket (in the) Forest
Thomas Wilkinson Serv. Wid(owe)r 33 Farm Servant (born) Cumberland Nh(?)
Mathew Nichol Serv. U(nmarried) 19 Farm Servant (born) Cumberland Hainton
Andrew Graham Serv. U(nmarried) 18 Farm Servant (born) Cumberland Brampton
Thomas Hudson Serv. U(nmarried) 13 Farm Servant (born) Cumberland Greystoke
John Graham Serv. U(nmarried) 14 Farm Servant (born) Cumberland Brampton
Mary Bell Serv. U(nmrried) 17 House Servant (born) Cumberland Brampton

1861 Census return: RG9/3929 folio 36 page 16 (Schedule 73)
1861: age 34 at Westnewton Mill, Westnewton (near Aspatria), Cumberland, England, with husband Thomas WILKINSON (43, agricultural labourer) and children John (7), Deborah (4) and Ann (1)
Thos Wilkinson Head Mar(ried) 43 Agr(icultural) Labourer (born) Cumberland Crookdale
Jane Wilkinson Wife Mar(ried) 34 (born) Cumberland Hillhouses
John Wilkinson Son 7 (born) Cumberland Aspatria
Deborah Wilkinson Dau(ghte)r 4 (born) Cumberland Aspatria
Ann Wilkinson Dau(ghte)r 1 (born) Cumberland Aspatria

1827: Hill Houses, Hesket in the Forest, Cumberland
1834-1839: Town Gate, Ainstable, Cumberland
1841: Age 15, Ainstable, Cumberland
1842: Alby Field, Cumrew, Cumberland

Since she is not mentioned in her mother’s will of 1862, Jane may have died before that year. However she was married before her mother’s death, and this could also be the reason her unmarried sisters were favoured.
Birthca 1818
Deathaft 1881
FatherJohn WILKINSON , 16469
Misc. Notes
Marriage: “Widower, servant of Aspatria[?]”

1861 Census return: RG9/3929 folio 36 page 16 (Schedule 73)
1861: age 43, agricultural labourer, at Westnewton Mill, Westnewton, Cumberland, England, with wife Jane (née LAIDMAN, 34) and children John (7), Deborah (4) and Ann (1).

1871 Census return: RG10/5230 folio 60 page 5 (Schedule 18)
1871: age 54, widower, labourer, at Yearngill, Parish of St Mathew, Westnewton, Cumberland, England, with children Deborah (14) and Ann (11), sister Margaret WILIKINSON (56) and lodger William EDWARDS
Thomas Wilkinson Head Wid(owe)r 54 Labourer (born) Cumb(erland) Bromefield (sic, Bromfield)
John Wilkinson Son Un(married) 17 Scholar (born) Cumb(erland) Aspatria
Deborah Wilkinson Dau(ghte)r Un(married) 14 Scholar (born) Cumb(erland) Aspatria
Annie Wilkinson Dau(ghte)r 11 Scholar (born) Cumb(erland) Aspatria
Marg(a)ret Wilkinson Sister 56 Servant (born) Cumb(erland) Aspatria
William Edwards Lodger Un(married) 63 Quarryman (born) Cumb(erland) Isel

1881 Census return: RG11/5166 folio 61 page 43 (Schedule 221)
1881 age 63, widower, general labourer at Aspatria, Cumberland, England, with housekeeper sister Margaret WILKINS(ON)
Thomas Wilkinson Head Un(married) (sic, Widower) 63 General Labourer (born) Cumb(erlan)d Bromfield
Marg(are)t Wilkins(on) Sister Un(married) 68 Housekeeper (born) Cumb(erlan)d Aspatria
Marriage27 Dec 1851, Cumrew, CUL
Marr MemoSt Mary
Misc. Notes
OPR Cumrew 1851, p.8:
Dec 27th
Thomas Williamson Widower servant of [?Aspatria] Father John Williamson servant
Jane Laidman (age full) spinster servant of Albyfield Father william Laidman farmer
Witnesses: Ann Ladman, Joseph [?Wilkinson]
ChildrenJohn , 16690 (ca1854-)
 Deborah , 16691 (ca1857-)
 Ann , 16692 (ca1859-)
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