NameMaude LAIDMAN, 9698
Death1960, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
FatherJohn Edward LAIDMAN , 3110 (1833-1909)
MotherIsabella McWatters PATTERSON , 9632 (1838-1920)
Misc. Notes
From "History & Heritage of Binbrook, 1792 - 1973", pg. 195-7:

Maude Laidman, daughter of John and Isabella Laidman, died in Regina in 1960. She was a poetess of merit. A book of her poems was published, many of them written in 1923, while she was in Japan.

HOME by Maude Laidman

Tonight I come back after years of travel
To the old Ontario farm where I was born,
The scene of all my childhood's happy hours,
Where days sped by like happy wings of morn.

Enshrined within my memory is a picture
Of the apple orchard as it used to be,
The trees, in rows, all wrapped in springtime beauty
'Neath which I sat with school book on my knee.

The snake-rail fence with mayflowers in the corners,
The poplar trees, like sentries keeping guard,
The windmill where I scrambled up the ladder,
The lilacs and the bluebells in the yard.

Oh, how I love to dwell in meditation
On those budding years that seem so long ago!
The moonlit lanes where in our youth we sauntered,
The sleigh rides o'er the sparkling frozen snow.

The verandah with the hammock so inviting,
The droning of the busy honey bee,
The horses nibbling in the corner pasture
Are memories which oft come back to me.

But now the paths with weeds are grown over,
The silent empty house is home no more.
No welcome greets me from its worn grey visage,
As, steeped in thought, I stand before the door.

The window panes with dust are now all coated,
And tiptoeing up, I find the sash locked fast
As though to guard within their faithful keeping
The favourite memories of the hallowed past.

My brother and sister now are scattered,
My parents in the family graveyard sleep;
Yet must I come back from far distant places
A rendezvous with my lone thoughts to keep.

Ah, can you tell me what it is that binds me
By cords which human eye can never see
To the place I always feel that I'm away from -
The place that always will be home to me?
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