NameJohn LADEMAN of Rosley, 12166, G1536
Burial1618, Westward, CUL
FatherLADEMAN , 12165, F1289
Misc. Notes
Transcript of the Nuncupative Will and Inventory of John Lademan of Rosley, 1616:

In the Name of god Amen, the xj th day of July Anno Domn. 1616, John Lademan of Rosley, w(i)thin the p(ar)ishe of Westward, sike in bodie but Whole in mynde, and in good and p(er)fect Remembrance, Laud & prayse be given unto Allmightie god, did make and ordeine this his Last will and Testam(en)t Nuncupitive in Maner & Forme Followinge, First and Principally, he gave his Soule unto Allmightie god, his Creator and Redemer, and his bodie to be Buryed w(i)thin the p(ar)ishe churchyard of Westward, First, Concernnge [sic] his worldly goods, he gave unto Isabell and Janet, his two Naturall sisters, xx s, to be equallie Devided betwixt them, It(e)m, further his will was that yf Mabell his wyfe be w(i)th a Man Chyld, that yt shall have his Tenem(en)t And the husbandrie geare theirunto belongeinge, And yf yt be a Dowghter, that she shall have her Childes portion of good(es) w(i)th his wife and Jane his Dowghter, and be made Jointe executo(u)r w(i)th them in this, his last will and Testament, And Jane, his elldest Dowghter, to have to have all the husbandrie geare, According to the Custome of the Countrie, yf so be that mabell his wife be not nowe w(i)th Child att this Tyme, The Rest of all his goods and chattells, Movable and unmovable, his Debt(es), legacies and Funerall expences First Discharged and payed, he gave and bequeithed unto Mabell Lademan, his wife, And Jane his Dowghter, whome he mayde his Jointe executo(u)rs of this his Last will & Testam(en)t, Wittnesses hereof,John Bone, John Jeffrey, And John Attkinson

[Latin Grant of Probate: “On the 24th day of the month of March in the year of our Lord 1617 [1617/18] this Will was proved and the administration was granted to Mabel Ladieman, an Executrix named, Reserving the power, etc [i.e: to make a similar grant], to the other Executrix, she being in her minority, when she shall come to full age and the burden, etc.]

Sheet two


A True Inventorie of all the goods and chattells, movable and unmovable, of John Lademan of Rosley w(i)thin the p(a)rishe of Westward, deceased, prysed and valewed by Fower men Sworne, [Latin: “namely”], Christpher Attkinson, John Jeffrey, Thomas Jeffrey and John Lambley, the vij th of October Anno do(mi)ni 1616,

Inprimis, one oxe, 3 kyne, two quyes [= heifers], 3 steers, 2 Calves, 2 Naggs and A yearlinge, xiij £
It(e)m, the Whole Croppe of Corne, vizt [Latin: videlicet], bigge [= a poor kind of barley] and otes vj £
It(e)m, Hey and stroy xxxiij s 4 d
It(e)m, his Apparell, xx s
It(e)m, husbandrie geare, xviij s
It(e)m, one Cupbord, 3 Chist(es), two fatt(es) [= vats], 4 kitt(es), two Drinke potts, A stand & two bords, xxiiij s
It(e)m, in beddinge, xiij s
It(e)m, A spiminge [sic] whele, and an old sithe, xij d
It(e)m, one crooke, Tounges, Cresset, Fire vessell, puther [= pewter] vessell, Dishes and Dumlers? xx s vj d
It(e)m, Maner?, xviij d
It(e)m, Swyne and heenes, iiij s
[Latin: “Total of the goods], xxv £ xv s

Debt(es) aweinge by the Above sayd John Lademan, as Followethe,
Inprimis, unto Anthony Clarke, v £ xiij s?
It(e)m, unto John Clarke, [blank]
It(e)m, unto Christopher Attkinson, viij s
It(e)m, unto willi(a)m Woodcock, xx s
It(e)m, in funerall expences, xv s
1Mabel, 16142
Deathaft 1618
ChildrenJane , 12167, H1538
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