NameThomas LAYDMAN of Startforth, 12175, G1562
Baptism5 Jan 1566, Brough, WES
FatherWilliam LAYDMAN , 12171, F1548
MotherHelyne AWDERSON? , 12172
Misc. Notes
Transcript of the Will of Thomas Laydman of Startfurth, 1597

In the name of god amen, The xxiij th day of may 1597, I, Thomas ^Laydman^ of Startfurth?, s... bodie? But p(e)rfect in mynde and remembrance, praysed be god therefore, do make & ordeine this my last? will? & Testament in manner & forme following, Fyrst, I commend my soule into the hand(es) of almyghte? god, my maker, redm(er) & onely saviour, and my body to be buryed w(i)thin the p(ar)rish Churcheard of Startfurth afore said, And for that little portion of good(es) w(hi)ch almyghty god hathe left me, my debt(es), Legaces & funerall expences discharged, I give & bequeath it all unto my wyfe & my tow [sic] yongest Children, John Laydman & Ann my doughter, Item, I give & bequeath unto Ambross Laydman, my Eldest son, all my Land(es) & ground(es) in Startfurth, To have & to hould the same to him, & the Heires of his body lawfull[y] begotten, and if he dy w(i)thout heire, Then I doe gyve the same land(es) unto Ann Laydman, my doughter, and to the heires of hir body lawfully begotten, And in defect of such heires, Then I give the same to the ryght heire of me, the said Thomas, Item, I do further gyve & bequeath out of my said Land(es), Unto my Tow yongest Children, John Laydman & Ann my doughter, the Sum(me) of six pound(es) lawfull Inglish money, Vide(licet), unto John Laydman, fower pound(es), & unto Ann Laydma(n), my doughter, forty shilling(es), To be paid unto them by Ambrose Laydman, my Eldest son, when as he comes to full adge [sic] & shall Enter upon my land(es), And if he do not pay the said Sum(m)es To the said p(ar)ties att the said tyme, or w(i)thin forty dayes after the said tyme, Then my will is, That they shall have my Eastmost Close next adioyning to my brother Cuthbart(es) Close, untill such time as the same be fully satisfyed & paid, Itim [sic], I doe make & ordeine my tow yongest children Coexecutor(es) of this my last will & Testament, And I reauest my Brother Cuthbart That he will ^to^ see this my will put in present Execution & faythfully observed, according to the true meaneing theireof, And further, that he will Take all my Children unto him duringe theire mynoreties, And I charge him ^to deale faythfully and^ to brynge them up in god(es) feare, as god(es) Children ought to be & as he will answer god in the last day, Wytnesses of this my last will & Testame(n)t,
Robart Brass
Willi(a)m Baker,

Latin Grant of Probate: This present above-written Will was and is proved before us, Edward? [perhaps “Edmund”] Parkinson, Bachelor of Laws, the lawfully-appointed Commissary within the Archdeaconry of Richmond in the diocese of Chester, on the 4th day of the month of July in the year of our Lord 1597, and it was approved and registered by us, And the administration of all abd singular the goods, debts and credits which were the same deceased’s in his lifetime and at the time of his death, being within the aforesaid Archdeaconry, were and are granted to Cuthbert Lademan, the brother of the said deceased, the Guardian and Protector of Ambrose, John and Ann Lademan, the natural and lawful children and the Executors named in this Will, to their profit, use and advantage during their minorities, he having been previously sworn in due legal form, Saving the right of any other person, In witness of which thing, we have caused the seal of our Office to be affixed to these presents, the day and year above-written.
Marriage29 Jul 1590, Brough, WES
ChildrenAmbross , 12176, H1572 (-ca1620)
 John , 12177, H1573 (bp. 1590-)
 Ann , 12178, H1974 (bp. 1592-)
 Henry , 12179, H1526 (bp. 1593-)
 Frances , 12180, H1544 (bp. 1594-)
 Cuthbert , 12181, H1564 (bp. 1596-)
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