NameAncestor LAIDMAN, 12292
Misc. Notes
This assumed person is merely representative of the earliest Laidmans in Bowes. Obviously no link has been determined between this person and the next known generation. Some of the earliest occurrences of the Laidman name are recorded (as variants) in Bowes in the early fourteenth century:

1 Ed III [1327]: The subsidy was paid in Boghes by ... John Ladman, 2s.;
6 Ed III [1333]: In Boghes the subsidy was paid by ... John le Ladyman, 2s. 8d.

(Marshal-General Plantagenet-Harrison, H.K.G., The History of Yorkshire, London & Aylesbury, 1879, Vol. I: The Wapentake of Gilling West, p. 331)

The earliest mention so far (2011) found of the Laidman name occurs in the 1301 Yorkshire Lay Subsidy:
Berden [Bardon, parish of Hauxwell]
De Johanne Lademan iis id

(Yorkshire Lay Subsidy, being a Fifteenth, collected 30 Edward I (1301). The Yorkshire Archaeological Society. Record Series vol. XXI. edited by William Brown, published 1897)
Barden, in Richmondshire (north riding of Yorkshire), lies some 6 miles south of Richmond. Today it consists of two or three farmsteads with a population of 49 (2001 census).

If there are no identifiable Laidmans in Bowes at this early time, it should be remembered that Bowes is not mentioned in the Domesday Book, and it appears to have been constructed only in the 12th century. This does not of course preclude there being other ‘Laidmans’ in the area: at this time, surnames were not necessarily established. Bowes, for instance, has quite a few contributors in 1301 without surnames, being identified merely by their fathers’ names - some of whom could be future Laidmans. The complete list is shown below:
De Willelmo Darc' . iijs iijd
De Roberto Pistore . iiijs ijd
De Thoma filio Thome . iijs
De domino Gichardo . xxxiiijs viijd
De Thoma filio Alani . iiijs xd
De Johanne de Galway . iijs vjd
De Johanne Ra . . ijs iiijd
De Waltero filio Isabelle. iijs jd
De Wilkes Darc' . . ijs viij
De Simone Darc' . . vs jd
De Willelmo Fabro . vs iiijd
De Johanne de Bolleron'. vs vd
De Roberto filio Johannis iiijs jd
De Henrico Venatore . iiijs ixd
De Willelmo Precios' , iiijs ijd
De Henrico Coupestack'. iijs vjd
De Willelmo filio Stephani ijs iijd
De Johanne Crok' . . vjs ixd
De Roberto de Rokeby . iijs jd
De Thoma Toller . . ixj jd
De Thoma filio Galfridi . Vs iiijd
De Alano Goselyne. . viijs vd
De Johanne Saleman . xs viijd
De Hospitali de Mora . vijs iiijd
De Galfrido filio Nicholai ixs viijd
De Ada filio Alani . . viijs
De Alano Toller . . iijs
De Stephano de Boleron' iijs xd
De Hugone Bernarde . vs iiijd
De Ricardo de Eskelby . Vs iiijd
De Johanne Toller . . Vs iiijd
De Thoma filio Henrici . vs iiijd
De Roberto Saleman . vjs iiijd
Summo, ixli xixs viijd

Of the surnames in the above list, it is interesting to note that none of them are found when parish registration started in the C17. Could this have been a consequence of the Black Death, which reached York in May 1349 and devastated the north?
ChildrenAnthony , 10975, F (ca1530-)
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