Laidman Wills

Wills are a family historian's favourite documents. They often supply the researcher with family relationships, and give a good idea of the financial and social status of the testator. Here is a selection of interesting Laidman (or Laidman spouses' or descendants') Wills which have survived and are transcribed under their authors' details (click on their name):

Francis Johnson 1767-1837. The Will of man of substance, bequeathing farms, ships, breweries, , collieries, glass-houses, horses, a pack of hounds etc.

Anne Lademan of Gayterley circa 1559. An interesting inventory from the effects of a nun pensioned off after Henry VIII's dissolution of the monasteries.

Ralph Laidman of Kirby Ravensworth. A fairly standard Will of about 1700.

Catherine Laidman 1752-1836. Bequests of furniture and British government stock.

Charles Laidman 1762-1838. Two minor daughters to be provided for.

Revd Christopher Laidman 1654-1724. A short Will with the standard religious preamble that is hardly found after this period (his son John's Will written 35 years later has no such lofty sentiments). Bequest of his books and notes of sermons.

Deborah Laidman née Graham 1801-1863. Interesting bequests of furniture and furnishings.

Francis Laidman, surgeon of Morpeth, 1716-1796. Bequests of domestic items (' next largest looking-glass..') and his surgical instruments.

Revd John Laidman 1680-1745. Bequests of a clock and a watch. Allowance to his son "now in Morpeth jail".

John Lademan of Rosley 1618, a very interesting nuncupative Will (one that is dictated by the testator and of which there is no signed copy), bequeathing different property to his wife according to the sex of the child she is bearing.

Revd William Laidman 1710-1782. A complex Will including several Trusts. Litigation over this Will lasted until well into the 1820's, and some 60 letters are extant from which an account of the litigation has been assembled. A full account of this litigation can be found here (2.5Mb PDF).

Christian Mitford daughter of Sir William Blackett, 1651-1716. A complex Will fairly typical of upper-class families of the time, but with interesting bequests of domestic items.

Robert Mitford 1645-1713, wife of Christian above, and unlike hers, an untypically short Will. Bequest of "my Charriott and ffive Coach Mares.." and other chattels.

There are plenty of other Wills in the database, but the above are perhaps the most interesting.