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Tamar Railton’s grave in Bowes
The chest tomb (see notes) is in the foreground. Her sister Martha (subject of the famous ballad) is buried in the same churchyard together with her ill-fated lover Roger Wrightson.
Tamar Railton’s grave in Bowes
Grave No. 62 Chest Tomb (inscription facing upwards) reads:
Here lies the body of
Margaret Laidman who
Died November 13th 1745
Aged 20
Thomas Laidman Died
June the 20th 1758
Aged 74
Mark Laidman Died
Oct: 2 1765 aged 74
Tamar Ye Wife of Mark
Laidman died Dec Ye
17th 1792 Aged 97
Ann Daughter of Thomas
Laidman died Dec
27th 1794 Aged 19